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My interest in photography began during 2004 in, of all places, a small start-up Biotech while searching for novel antibiotics produced by bacteria. There I spent endless hours under a microscope with a fancy high-tech camera photographing images of the bacteria we were trying to cultivate in the hopes to fight MRSA and other antibiotic resistant bacteria. This allowed me experience playing with different exposures, shutter speeds, apertures, and other fundamental photography techniques.

As my interest in photography grew, I was fortunate enough to grab a gig working for a second shooter for one of the top wedding photographers in New England. We shot weddings ranging from the most unique weddings venues in the area (we shot the first wedding ever at the Boston Opera House, for example) to some of the most fun and exciting weddings in client's backyards! Working 6 years as a second shooter gave me an unparalleled opportunity to learn the ins and outs of wedding photography and instilled confidence in myself as a photographer....and it was also a blast!

Since I have branched out into my own business I have expanded into portraiture including newborns and children as well as the entire family! I've even been lucky enough to do several shoots for the Boston Red Sox, Ray Allen, and my most favorite assignment; I was Shaquille O'Neal's personal photographer for the MANY charity events he did while in Boston. It still blows my mind that I had every Shaq basketball card and poster you could imagine growing up and 20 years later I'm speaking regularly with his personal assistant and himself!

The number one question I get from clients is always, "what kind of photographer are you?" My answer is simple: I aim to be as unobtrusive as possible, a fly on the wall for most of the day, but on the wedding day I'm part organizer, part clown and jester, but I'm always friendly and professional. I'm happy to give guidance, make suggestions, and arrange or pose people when it’s needed. Neither formal nor photo-journalistic, my style is casual and all my own, influenced by the greats of the wedding photography world in which I'm always following on FB, Twitter, or their webpage. I can pose traditionally if requested, but in general I like to keep things fun, informal, and makes great images without ever seeming to pose. With so much experience under my belt, I feel I'm always cool under pressure, always ready with a helping hand, a joke, whatever it takes to make people comfortable and help them enjoy their wedding day or portrait session.

The other side of me is obsessed with surfing, always enthralled in science, and chasing my crazy King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Lexi!! Above all I couldn't be happier spending my free time with my beautiful and brilliant wife, Christina and my wild and hilarious son, Luke. They both tend to be my favorite subjects when practicing new techniques so they regularly appear on my Facebook page!
Please, if you have any questions or inquiries you can contact me through

I'm always willing to answer any question (no matter how crazy you think it may be!) or just chat and brainstorm about your upcoming wedding or other photography needs. Hope to hear from you!

-Brian Pescatore